The biggest fashion trends for fall

Each season has its own key pieces, which give the present to the visitors and the wardrobe regardless of trends each season. Winter, among other things, imposes a warm sweater, a turtleneck, and a heavy coat. The spring on the other wishes cool knitted pieces and graceful dresses in summer and anything that linen is not necessary. In the autumn, but what are we wearing?

Autumn is a transitional season, which deserves special attention in terms of styling. We can use up to a date and summer pieces ,however, is always combined with the autumn. This ,however, you will be worn more often, basic clothes in neutral tones, with various combinations, which offer a great stylistic versatility and elegance. Some clever combinations are the following:

1) The vests are a fashion trend known to us already from last year. This year, the popularity of the waistcoat is increasing. Make sure to put your jacket on your wardrobe, as they are a very stylish product. Sure you can wear it over a long sleeve shirt or even over a dress. So you have made a very stylish outfit.

2) Can used to be a outfit with sequins be considered only suitable in any formal occasion, but this year you can wear it without fear of it more often. For example, a skirt of sequins or gold/ silver color combined with a basic pullover is a must if you want to make a stylish appearance. Generally, the clothes with glow can be worn comfortably in the fall of 2021!

3) The last season has now been understood that, for the most comfort is very important. So, in the fall of 2021 comfortable knitwear are the ones that are going to dominate! From oversized sweaters to stylish knitted set (knitted pants or knitted skirt with knitted t-shirt), all have a place in the autumn of your closet. So, these outfits you will be comfortable without being deprived of elegance and style!

4) coats is the first thing I noticed someone in an autumnal ensemble. The protagonists of the era with the trends in outerwear is very clear. Even the most classic coats, which we have in our collection ,such as the trench coat, constitutes the best and the most clever stylistic choice.

Below we present a number of selections from our collection:


The biggest fashion trends for fallThe biggest fashion trends for fallThe biggest fashion trends for fallThe biggest fashion trends for fall