Getting ready for shopping? 4 tips to make the ideal choices!

There is no harder thing for a woman to go shopping, since I don't know what to... πρωτοαγοράσει! We, however, found the 5 tips that will help you to shop right looking like the ultimate... ten!


-Try constantly new things

If you don't try new style will stay "stuck" in the same and this is the worst thing you can do in terms of the fashion. Try to try on clothes that you wouldn't try older, changing your style. We need, however, caution as there is the risk to buy (in the excitement of your clothes that may not suit you. If you don't try but you'll never know. The test is the "key" for the sake of style.


-Don't take opinions

It may seem strange, but the best thing you can do is don't ask the opinion of your friend or any other has come shopping with you. If you don't feel comfortable in the clothes that you try it, don't buy it even if you can hear compliments. Trust your own instinct. That makes you feel beautiful and above all, comfortable, this is the perfect outfit for you!


– Don't try only one size

When you find something you like, or pants, or a shirt, not taking in the dressing room is the only number you're wearing. The line of each garment changes. The number that you wear not to "pave" on your right, while expensive, can fit you perfectly. It is important to get away from the perception of the act. If you don't "sit" well with a number, it doesn't mean you should lose weight!


-Make the... around you.

Find, finally, something that makes you feel really pretty! Do the rides, take turns and look at it from all angles. You like what you find, secretes endorphins in the brain in an amount equal to that which comes out an hour of sex! So, enjoy what you try. It's the beginning to dress like a star of the cinema...