Our company takes all the necessary measures so that all products are packaged in a very careful way in order to receive them without damage. It is rare to receive a product with a defect. In case you receive the product without expressing a specific reservation, it means that you have unreservedly received the product from our company.

You can return the defective product to the carrier who delivered it to you at no charge to you, if at the time of receipt you find that there is damage and / or a defect in it.

You can inform us immediately at e-mail informing us if you wish to have a new product sent to you to replace the worn or defective one or if you wish to cancel the order, in which case we will refund the interest you may have paid.

In the event that you choose to send new product for replacement, we will send you directly message with a confirmation of a new order.

For changes of products the cost is 3 euros for the first change, and 6 euro for the second time by courier.


When and how you can cancel your order?
- Before sending / receiving the product by sending an e-mail to the email address or by phone at +30 22210 22778. - After receiving the product you can exercise your right to withdraw within 14 calendar days .