The brilante.gr partnered with selected producers, suppliers, importers and manufacturers, from Greece and abroad, in order to offer a wide range of products at the most competitive prices in the market.

Orders are completed with one particular process, described in detail below, as well as sometimes, for reasons not related to our company, there is the case of a product displayed available on our website, ultimately may not be available or may not be delivered within the delivery time stated on the brilante.gr.

In order, therefore, to be fully informed as to the progress of the order that you have placed and protected from any such cases, the completion of your order shall be implemented through the following steps: a) we recommend that before your first order, register as a user of the Brilante.en in order to make it more easy and excellent customer service from our online store.

  •  Free product selection and placement in the "shopping cart",
  •  Start the shipping process order request via the "steps" that are indicated,
  •  Fill in all the data of your request for the order, displayed on the order form
  •  Appearance to the email address that you have indicated, automated message, with details of the request for order to be taken by the company.

Every time you send us a request to order, must be preceded by the acceptance of these terms of use, which govern each of our transactions in their entirety. Don't forget that requests are received by our company with the express subject to a thorough check availability of products included in the request for your order, since at this stage has not yet started the processing of your request from our company.

Finally, we inform you that our company follows a strict policy for the protection of your personal data and only at the express συγκατάθεσις you (according to the mission of the form) are collected and processed, with the most safe and diligent manner, (b) At this stage, our company scrutinizes the availability of all of the products referred to in the request for your order.

In particular : – In case there is availability of all the products listed to your request within the time of delivery is displayed in our online shop, then I will confirm it by sending an e-mail to the email address that you have indicated and will include all of the elements of this.

Shipment of products will be carried out on the basis of the schedule delivery partner our courier company.

  • In the event that there is available some of the items you ordered, or/and a product may not be available in the listed in our shop delivery time, then the officer of our company will contact you by telephone in order to arrange for any modification to or cancellation of your order request.
  • In the event of a failure of telephone communication will be sent e-mail to the email address that you have indicated, in order to get in touch with us.
  • If for any reason you don't allow any of the above two communications for a period of 10 days from dispatch of your order request, then your request will be cancelled automatically and you will have to send a new request to us.
  • The amount of money representing the/s type/hey who are in lack of your return, through a bank account in the event that you pay with cash on delivery or bank deposit on your credit card in case you pay through this and PayPal.
  • In any case, after communication with you will be sent to you in terms of your stated e-mail address, confirmation of a new order with all of the new items that includes this.

Shipment of products will be carried out again, on schedule delivery partner our courier company.