How to wear the maxi dress to every occasion | 20+1 rules for the right combinations

How to combine the long dress every day, at a wedding, for a night? What are the ideal accessories and shoes for each style?

How to wear the maxi dress to every occasion | 20+1 rules for the right combinations

Long skirts and dresses remain voltage and Miss Bloom takes care of the detailed, wonderful guide to wearing unmistakably one of the top looks of the season.

First of all, the basics in long dress

– I don't wear ever classic slim heel with a maxi dress or skirt. Footwear flats or wedge is what is most right.
– One of the key cliche accompanying the maxiespecially the skirt, it's the hippie look. Dodge well, anything that may seem too “cover”, which κουκουλώνοντας the body creates a thankless silhouette (detailed instructions below).
– Another key cliche that comes with the maxiespecially the dress is a classic evening look. To not look like Cinderella ready for the ball at 12 noon, avoid everything which may seem to the dress us too “heavy” or stylized.

This is of particular importance that the choice of the dress – let's be better in lighthearted print or shade, and in a rather modest design (detailed instructions below and in this regard).

The correct silhouette

As can be seen from the κατατοπιστικότατες cover photo, to create the right impressions on the body through the maxi skirt has key importance for the correct application of the trend, so the result looks cute, feminine and modern.

YES (to the left): Applications “crush”, a little applicators that highlight the silhouette. Sleeve trois-carr, it seems a little hand and to contribute to the favor of the result.

NO (right): Very loose-fitting top and puffy sleeves, which combined with the long skirt has a tendency to hide the body behind an excessive amount of fabric. The figure shows a bit outdated and “γεροντοκορίστικη”.

How to wear the maxi dress to every occasion | 20+1 rules for the right combinations

Tricks that flatter your body

If you're over 1.70 and you weigh less than 55 pounds, wearing maxi is probably something that does not create any theme. Let's see what tricks he may have at his disposal a girl with the most normal or “chubby” build a la Kim Kardashian.

Show some skin: A maxi with a slit or from semi-transparent fabric shows off the body and prevents it from effects-“sack”, which we want to avoid.
Definitely wedges: With their help “remedied” the whole body – something that is necessary especially for the petite girls, long length skirt has a tendency to “sink”.
Waist belt: Emphasizes the femininity of the silhouette, and prevented the effect-“poke”.

The right heels

In addition to the flat sandals and wedges, there are some heels that you can wear. It's chunky and accompanied to the front of the platform, or “platform”, as the name is the good old παπουτσάδες. For more, long legs, pick something strappy nude or earthy hue). The other nice thing about this style is that it fits perfectly and girls with more juicy calf, which can by choosing this chunky shoes to try something a little more statement.

How to wear the maxi dress to every occasion | 20+1 rules for the right combinations

The casual maxi dress

Except to choose the right light casual dress, it is very important to keep the accessorizing to a very reasonable level and to not παραφορτωθούμε with a lot of bracelets, earrings etc. for as long as we're still in the city.

On the island, for a night out, we can do little to raise the volume, but in the νταλαμεσήμερο running to the center with ten folders under his arm, let's say, the things it is good to remain basic.

A pair of flat sandals or wedges and a cross-body bag (which, in addition to the comfort break and a little visual for the “boring” continuation of a long dress and a little allows us to υπονοήσουμε the feminine silhouette from the inside) is what you need.

You can add something distinctive to jewelry, p.x. a minute long χαϊμαλί a la Rachel Zoe (which is a muse in the car, the looks of the operating completely exemplary, so good to watch).

It is understood that anything overly elaborate in the hairstyle and makeup is excluded – not the calls and the heat, after all.

If you're going to wear maxi skirt in a casual versionsomething completely simple needs from over. Something close-fitting, sleeveless, perhaps, to show a little body from the waist up, and the silhouette is not too much.

Vests, waistcoats worn as a top, a t-shirt or t-shirt top very light and thin, with short or trois-carr cuff, which will be deleted / semi-implied the body, it's fine.

How to wear the maxi dress to every occasion | 20+1 rules for the right combinations

The evening maxi dress

A and don't you get ready for the Oscars, or the gala the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum, but for a nightcap, we can agree that a pair of wedges, a couple of jewelry and a subtly glamorous purse, enough to make it as dinner, takes a summer maxi dress.

Very important not to exaggerate, and here in hairstyle or makeup, to calm down a little bit with the terracotta (general advice), and to point out only the eyes, or lips, not both. Let your hair loose and, of course, with a styling cream on the smells fresh with your hair or get relaxed κοτσιδούλα or updo.

Similar rules and for the maxi skirt in a relaxed night out, where, of course, you can wear it over a t-shirt or top by a little bit more fine fabric and decorating the μπρατσάκι with a minimalist bracelet.

In any of the above two cases (of a dress or skirt), a flat sandal can “stand” fine – maybe metal, if you want to add a little drama. The gel sandals you a little to let it rest until the next morning – unless it's from a designer series, so have the alternative and lighthearted glamour that require both the hour and the outfit.

Maxie to a more glamorous occasion, e.x. wedding

Choosing something more delicate, why not in a silky, semi-transparency, a la Kate Bosworth, keep the look fresh and new while avoiding again the pretentiousness and excessive shine. There is always the possibility to keep a bag-jewelry instead of you to wear p.x. the rather expected gold long earrings that you wore last year, probably the year before with the maxi is your.

Maxi in cultural output

Given that it's not worn ever with tall thin heel, let alone with a sophisticated grandeur of their natural, maxi dresses and skirts in a slightly more formal but definitely stylish and kind of minimal version proved to be the ideal attire for the classic summer events in the herodes Atticus theatre, Epidaurus, and other such sacred places where the dagger is prohibited forbidden.