Advice for the selection of women's clothing in plus size to distinguish

It doesn't really matter if you have a few pounds extra, if you know how to dress nicely. We chose for you a few practical tips to combine those clothes that best fit the juicy girls. The important thing for every woman is to feel comfortable in the clothes and attracts attention by showing the refined taste.

Our advice to all women is to turn the disadvantages of their body to benefits, taking advantage of each curve, which until now was considered unnecessary.

Women's trousers plus size

Let's start from the correct composition of an elegant wardrobe. Throw out all the old, baggy, dark clothes that you were wearing up now, it's time for a change. We also need to learn how to highlight and hide parts of your body in order to highlight the strong points. Here we want to stress that especially the colors and the patterns is the main weapon and must be combined with that right way, so as to bring out in your favor. The mirror never lies so you can use it when you try a piece of clothing which fits you highlighting the natural attractiveness.

You should know that the bright colors highlight while the dark hide and use the appropriate clothes in case. If you like the circumference of your waist you can use a light belt over a dark shirt, t-shirt or tunics.

Large print or patterns on the clothes make the body shows a greater reality, while smaller ones make your body look smaller. So our advice is to buy clothes with smaller motifs or prints.

Advice for the selection of women's clothing in plus size to distinguish

The horizontal stripes of the big sizes clothing is the most inappropriate. Avoid buying such plus size clothes. If you absolutely must wear something with stripes, select vertical or diagonal stripes.

Plus size outfits — what to look for when combine

You can combine a great t-shirt with wide neckline or wide sleeves or a jacket with an asymmetrical skirt. Also dresses with ruffles in the middle or on the side, give you a hourglass figure in the body.Trousers or skirts must not be tight-fitting and follow your natural curves in order to keep the balance.

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