What will be worn on the women's clothes in the Winter 2020

All the big fashion houses put forth their machines, prepared, and presented to us by now what clothes are in fashion for the winter. In general, as you'll see, then, will be the season of contrasts.

Winter fashion trends in women's clothing will travel back far enough, up in the ' 70s, but with a more modern and classy touch. As you understand, don't throw it away and don't give any of the old winter clothes, because it's time to again wear it!


Clothes plucked from the 70's

The trousers, the waistcoat over a white shirt or a t-shirt with pointed collar, corduroy pants, long leather coat and warm earthy colors are characteristic elements of the 70's. Well, it's time to refresh the old clothes that hide in your closet because they were out of fashion for years!


Punk women's clothes plucked from the 90's

Even a decade that came into the crosshairs of the designers is that of the 90's. The style that prevailed then was punk, which was a little more free and "aggressive". The leather clothes and the decoration with studs and rivets give and take. On the other hand, must was, and clothes with black lace.


Clothes in purple shades

For several years, watching the pink color dominates the catwalks. For this year's Autumn and Winter, however, was the overthrow, bringing the purple in the spotlight! The range of shades of purple is endless, starting from the pastel color of lavender and ending with the dark purple-blue. What will you choose?


Knitted clothes

The knitted clothes have returned in the last few years in fashion and how could they be absent when we talk about the most warm fabrics that you can wear in the colder winter months? And for those which do not withstand excessive heat, such as myself, to remember that there are more cool, knitted or crocheted. Also take a look at how to wear knitted you this winter!


Women's tops and dresses with asymmetrical neckline

This is a trend that will be worn a lot in 2020. To remember me, all the companies of women's clothing will be releasing t-shirts and dresses with out the shoulders or even with one shoulder out. Excellent way for subversive performances that will attract all eyes.


Baggy fabric women's trousers

The baggy pants is a little more boho and relaxed performances, but with the right styling, they can be worn very easily and on a night out. It's very comfortable and fit in every silhouette. You can wear them either with the sneakers for a casual look or with heels for a more formal. See more of 10 ways to wear a baggy pants!